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Before I embark upon spilling all my thoughts, opinions and general musings on my voiceover career, I think it's important to lay out the ground rules.

Although my thoughts are my own, they are probably heavily influenced by the myriad of blogs that I peruse on a daily basis, which I am also certain are far more helpful than what I plan on writing.

This blog is likely to be less about advice, and more about sharing aspects of my career, ideas about best practises for work, and telling stories of how I operate as a voiceover. If you're looking for advice on which mic to buy, then I'd suggest checking out those more tech specific blogs, of which there are many.

I'm all about expanding my network, and getting to know more VO's, so if anything I write resonates with you (or ticks you off) then get in touch; some of my best friendships began with a healthy debate.

So here we go...

Happy Voicing


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