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           As a voice artist, commercial copy always provides an exciting array of possibilities. These 'micro-stories,' as I like to think of them, provide an opportunity to encapsulate huge amounts of storytelling in what is normally a strict time frame. 

          Although stylistically trends have moved away from the 'hard sell' in your face style, it still has a place in today's advertising world. And one of the skills a professional voice artist needs is to be able to identify the different styles, marry them if need be, or throw them out, and create something entirely new. 

          Many commercials nowadays follow a far more intimate, and involved storytelling process - to get to the heart of the listener. Audiences no longer purchase products just because they look good, or because they are told to; they buy a product because they believe in them. And the only way to get an audience to believe something is to work with a professional who knows how to deliver a message in the correct manner. 

          My actor training, intensive voice coaching, as well as ongoing training, means that I have the skills to understand your commercial copy, connect to its true message, and create something sincere, engaging, exciting and meaningful. 

    Get in touch today for a free demo of your project, or check out more examples of my work below. 



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