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Sebastian Brown voices doing commercial work.


Commercial Demo
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Intimate and Inspiring
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Powerful and Masculine
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Intense and Real
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High Energy and Excited
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Relaxed and Sarcastic
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Personal and Conversational
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Commercials are some of the most varied and demanding areas of voice over. Many of them require great skill to convey the right tone and message for a brand. And the only way to achieve this is with a professional voice over. 


Being able to interpret the copy, lift it from the page, add human nuances, humour or drama, are all skills that only a trained voice over will have. 


Although the hard sell, in your face style is slightly diminished, it still has a place in today's advertising world; but far more common is a more introspective, personal and connected style. 


The conversational read is dominating the voice over world in many more ways than just advertising use, and it's a skill that every voice actor must harness in order to work on a global scale. 


While no one's voice is right for every product, my range of skills, and my international male sound can give your brand a global appeal. Helping to reach a wider audience and a bigger market. 


And as digital media continues to expand, more and more brands are finding new ways to advertise their amazing products. 

"It was a pleasure to work with Sebastian. Very professional and very kind. Good experience and will recommend him to work with."

Yuka Kambayashi
DDB Unlimited

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Sebastian Brown Voices wearing Beryerdynamic headphones.
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