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Sebastian Brown doing audiobooks.


Fiction - Romance
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Non Fiction - Finance
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I am a classically trained actor working across multiple genres of audiobook. I work with publishing houses as well as directly with authors. My warm, inviting voice and natural delivery, coupled with my ability to create broad characters and fantastical worlds, make my narration versatile enough to cover genres such as romance, literary fiction, fantasy, science fiction, action and adventure, as well as self help and informative guides for non fiction. 
I can work in my own home studio, or a studio in London of your choice, and my wealth of experience means that I can create the perfect voice for your narrative as well as your characters. 

Check out the variety of samples below to listen to my versatile voice. 

The Belle of Belgrave square audiobook

Available now my recent dual narration of Mimi Matthews 'The Belle of Belgrave Square'.

Produced by Penguin Random House Audio, Directed by Ali Muirden. 



Science Fiction
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Young Adult
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Period Drama
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I also narrate Romance and Erotica under the pseudonym Bastian Allen. 

Adult - English
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Adult - American
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Modern Drama
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The Belle of Belgrave square audiobook
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"If you have a project with a lot of dialogue or conversations between two characters Sebastian is who you want. Always professional, great communication letting me know how the project was going and completed in really tight deadlines. I highly recommend Sebastian."  

Rupert Rowlingson 


Sebastian Brown wearing professional headphones.

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