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Sebastian Brown for sustainability, a voice for tomorrow.


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Working as a professional male Voice Over is a varied career, full of different and unique voicing experiences everyday. But one thing I set out to do with my voice over career, was lend my voice to projects that meant something to me, and green energy is an area that I try to contribute too every day. 


Although it's easy to keep my business green, by being 100% digital and never having to travel for work, becoming a voice for tomorrow, a voice for sustainable energy and a voice to support those who want to change the world we live in, is of the utmost importance to me. 


It's not often we get to combine a personal passion, with a career goal


One of the reasons why I feel I have been successful in this area, is that my international voice can represent more than one nation, or one group of people, but all people, as we strive to make these issues more global, more connected and more approachable on a wider scale. 


The problem of sustainability is ever expanding as people continue to find new ways of developing energy and sustainable systems, and my goal is to continue to be a voice for tomorrow for as many projects as possible. 

"It was a pleasure to work with Sebastian. Very professional and very kind. Good experience and will recommend him to work with."

Yuka Kambayashi
DDB Unlimited

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Sebastian Brown Voices as a voice for tomorrow.


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