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Sebastian Brown Voices doing corporate voice over work.


Corporate Demo
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Corproate Advert
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Corporate Branding
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Medical Explainer
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Workplace Steps
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Medical Informative
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Driving Theory
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The world of Corporate Voice Over is far reaching, there's corporate narration, educational material, medical voice over, corporate branding and commercials, as well as all internal presentations and communications. And that's just the surface. 

Whether you're looking for B2B (business to business) B2C (business to consumer) or B2E (business to employee), one of the most important things about corporate voice over, is being a representative for the company. 

The best way to do with is to work with a trained professional voice over, who not only knows how to interpret your words, but also, someone who can bring your message to life. I can work with you on finding the perfect tone to strike to your customers, your employees, or anyone you are looking to communicate with. 

As an international voice over, with a rich and resonant sound, my voice can bring power, authority and a natural reliability to your words. 

Not only that, my actor training means I can provide you with multiple variations on style and tone, to help you in the process of finding the perfect way to communicate your message. 


"Absolute pro. Highly recommend working with Sebastian."

Ed Wirgman

Sebastian Brown wearing beyerdynamic headphones.


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