Corporate work is a big part of my business, and encompasses a variety of the work that I do every single day. 

          From explainers to corporate branding, from internal presentations to corporate adverts, and everything in between; I work with companies big and small, organisations global and local. The most important thing is the message, the words that my clients want to convey, and the audience they want to hear them.

          Whether its B2B (business to business), B2C (business to consumer) or B2E (business to employee), the most important part for me as a voice artist is understanding the story behind the message, the reason why the company exists, and what they hope they can achieve in the future. Connecting with a client, and getting to tell their story effectively is at the centre of what I do. 

          As a Trans-Atlantic voice, I am able to offer something that many voice artists can't, and that is a global appeal. To reach a wider audience, and provide of sense of togetherness that comes from a voice with a non-distinct accent, and a warm, inviting tone. My skills allow me to connect with both a local audience and provide the global appeal that your brand needs. 

          Working with clients across the globe, I make sure to always make myself available, not only at short notice but out of regular working hours as well. I can provide live directed sessions from my home studio, or, provide your voiceovers with a super-fast turnaround. 

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