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Did you know that 86% of marketing from businesses comes in video form, and 33% of that is animated explainers. More and more companies and organisations are using animated explainers to effectively communicate with their current and potential customers. 

Whether you're showcasing a new service, an exciting product, an internal demo for employees or even a new software creation, an explainer is the perfect way to let your customers know what you offer, and how it works. 

Explainers come in different formats, some are straightforward in tone, and very direct, hoping to be clear and effective in their communication. Many are more casual and conversational, inviting the listener in to an intimate conversation, while guiding them through a process calmly. 

The most essential element to any explainer, is clear, targeted communication, and a full understanding of the services being provided. 

"Great experience working with Sebastian. Fast turnaround time on his end and excellent patience when it came to waiting on approvals from my client. Hope to work with him again in the future!"

Carlissa Tappia


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