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E-learning is a huge part of voice-over, and in today's world, where more and more things are happening remotely, the variety of e-learning projects out there is only growing. 

Online courses, in-house education, safety training and how-to guides are just some of the ways e-learning can be used. The user lead courses allow people to learn at their leisure, pick up where they left off, and structure their learning around their schedule. 

Depending on the audience for the material, e-learning must have a certain amount of personality behind it, after all, no one wants to be educated by an automated, robotic voice. A conversational tone and friendly demeanour help this style of work to come alive. 

Some e-learning content can be extensive, which means having consistency both in terms of performance, and technology. My broadcast quality home studio allows me to control all factors, and provide work that can be updated seamlessly. And as I record a lot of narrative, long-form projects, I know I have the stamina to produce exceptional work, no matter the length.

Check out some of my recent clients and e-learning work below. 

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"Sebastian was wonderful to work with. He took direction extremely well and quickly, offering a range of different takes within the recording session. This was so valuable to the team as it gave us plenty of variety to work with in the edit. Sebastian was incredibly personable, friendly and professional, would highly recommend".

Olivia Topley
Rocking Horse Pictures