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Sebastian Brown doing e-learning voice over work.


Educational Demo
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Information Security
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Scientific Explainer
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Allergies Description
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Casual Informative
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Medical Education
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Although the rise of A.I. voices has threatened the Educational Voice Over sector, one thing about e-learning that is essential, is connection. How do we educate people? How do we engage them to ensure they take in the information, and act upon it?

Well we do that in several ways, by understanding who we're talking to, by being specific in our speech patterns and by understanding the tone of the educational piece. Voice Over can be very subjective, and that's why when it comes to educational material it's important to strike an even, friendly and approachable tone to ensure the listener doesn't feel overwhelmed by the information. 

With my assured, clear, international sound, I can be easily understood by an English speaking audience on a global scale. This means your educational material can be easily consumed. 

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"Sebastian was wonderful to work with. He took direction extremely well and quickly, offering a range of different takes within the recording session. This was so valuable to the team as it gave us plenty of variety to work with in the edit. Sebastian was incredibly personable, friendly and professional, would highly recommend".

Olivia Topley
Rocking Horse Pictures

Sebastian Brown Voices smiling.


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