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Despite being born in rural Norfolk, my childhood was spent between Vancouver, Canada, and Lytham St.Annes, Lancashire. 

And as an International English Male Voice Over, this is what has given me my distinct sound and global voice. 

Eventually I settled in England and went on to study acting at Guildford School of Acting, then one of the 22 confederate of drama schools across the UK, and I was lucky enough to receive a scholarship to do so. 

As a young man I played Prospero in a children's version of The Tempest, and from then on I was hooked on the idea of stepping into the shoes of otherworldly, outlandish characters. 

So the opportunity to study at Guildford was a dream come true. 


Sebastian Brown Voice Over practising scripts.
Sebastian winning voice over newcomer of the year.

But still, there was something else calling me, something that combined both my performance roots and my freelancing organisational skills.

While working with a producer friend to create some spec commercials, I began voicing for his projects. This invited me into the world of working in a recording studio, and from then on, I have never looked back. 

I began receiving coaching and training as a voice over artist from some of the industries leading coaches. I started to set up my own business and began networking and marketing myself as a voice over. I continue to train to this day, and always consider it an essential element to stay ahead. 

And within a few years in the industry, I won the Best Newcomer Award at the One Voice Awards. 

As an international English Male Voiceover I pride myself on my previous experience, and what that helps me bring to my global voice, and my versatility as a performer. 

Although we didn't do much Voice Over specific training while at Guildford, we did study our voices, and what we could do with them, in very specific detail. From accent work to singing lessons, from impersonations (which I must admit are not my fortay) to elocution and diction. 

After I graduated from Guildford, I worked as
an actor for several years in Theatre. However,
something else was calling me, so I decided to go
back to school and study Filmmaking, and this is where I learnt to edit audio and video. 

After my masters in Film I went on to study Assistant Directing and had a thriving career in high end television and film productions. A career that taught me how to network and source work in a freelance environment, as well as teaching me to be organised with regards to high stakes deadlines. 



Richcraft Voiceover Coaching is one of the places that Sebastian Brown trained as a voiceover.
Gravy for the brain logo.
Notable Voices is a reputable training establishment in London for skilled voiceovers.
Sebastian attended Kingston University where he studied his MA in filmmaking.
Voiceover Kickstart offers resources for voice actors as they progress through their career.
Sebastian trained as an actor at The Guildford School of Acting.

As a voice actor I received coaching from Richcraft and Notable Voices. And as an audiobook narrator I trained with Helen Lloyd. At the beginning of my voiceover career Voiceover Kickstart and Gravy for the Brain were invaluable resources in teaching me the necessary skills for the job. 

Before my voice acting career, I trained as an actor at Guildford School of Acting and The National Youth Theatre. 

I also completed my Masters in Filmmaking at Kingston University, and Studied at The Met Film School as well, where I learnt how to use video and audio editing software to a high level. 

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