Hello there! I'm Sebastian Brown, an English speaking voiceover with a global sound.

With my warm, trusting, authoritative and versatile voice, I work with organisations across the world, who are looking for a trusted storyteller and an accessible voice. 

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My Voice...


My accent is a natural Trans-Atlantic (or Mid-Atlantic) combination of Neutral English and North American.

Born in England, raised in Vancouver, and then spending my young adult life in and around London, has resulted in a global, and characterful sound which I can accentuate for a more global brand, or tone down for a more Neutral English voice.

Pitch and Tone: 

My voice is naturally low and deep, with an assuring resonance and a rich, warm quality. 

I can deliver both a straightforward, serious, understated performance and a characterful, engaging and bright read. 

Playing age and style: 

My playing age is young adult to adult, but for character voices, I can easily manipulate my age. 

My personal style is a more understated, conversational read. 

As a young man, I was a little late to the party, I had difficulty concentrating, and reading was always a challenge. 

Then something changed, I fell in love with stories and reading, and that passion has been the current of my professional life. From my actor training, my experience working in television and film, and my decision to communicate other peoples stories full time.


Voice acting provides me with the opportunity to combine my skills as an actor, my love for storytelling and my keen interest in recording and audio technology.  



Nowadays, the competition to be successful as a voice artist is fierce, and there is a lot of discussion about how you stand out from the crowd. 

Although being a dedicated, full-time professional voice over is an important part; coaching and training are also essential. 


I had the privilege of working with the amazing team at Richcraft Coaching. Tanya Rich and her team of coaches provide an intensive array of coaching, not to mention a rigorous process of approval. They have been paramount in helping me find my skills as a voice actor. 


Nick at Notable Voices is a fantastic coach, not to mention an amazing demo producer. Nick has guided me through many different stages of my career, helped me gain agency representation, and helped me to become a professional voiceover. 


Helen Lloyd is a well-known audiobook narrator and her course in Narrator Coaching is extensive. Her training is in-depth and detailed, and her dedication to each and every student is extremely assuring. Although the course was challenging, it elevated my narrator skills and informed me of the work involved in creating vivid narration and believable characters. 


Voiceover kickstart has been an invaluable resource, run by pro voice artist Guy Michaels, the site has comprehensive training, resources and a community of helpful, informed and dedicated voice talents. 


I did my Masters in Filmmaking at Kingston University, where I learnt an extensive range of production skills; from concept design and scriptwriting to pre-production and filming, both on location and in the studio. However the most gainful skill I took from my masters revolved around post-production, where I learnt how to edit and master audio for both sound and film projects. 


After studying Performing Arts and Theatre at college, I was awarded a coveted place at The Guildford School of Acting, one of the schools in the Federation of Drama Schools. My BA in acting was an intense three-year course that featured radio and daily voice lessons, as well as theatre and film education. 


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