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Sebastian Brown Voices

Because stories change us...

Stories are the essence of what I do.
A story connects to your audience.
A story brings heart and hope to your message.
A story changes who we are...
...and stories are everywhere.
From corporate narration to high end commercials, I can help you tell your story. 

As a professional male voice over, I work across multiple genres of voice work, from corporate narration to video games, and everything between. With a degree in Acting and years of experience in voicing, I am able to breathe new life into your words.


I usually record in my purpose built broadcast quality home recording studio, however, living in London allows me to travel to any of the local studios if required. 

My studio features the best quality equipment for home recording...

Sebastian Brown Voices Studio
Sebastian Brown Voices in his Studio

TLM 103 Microphone 
Apollo Twin Audio Interface
Mackbook Pro with Adobe Audition
Beyerdynamic Headphones
Fibre Broadband
Source Connect, Cleanfeed and Google Meets


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My Studo


After completing my BA in Acting, I spent several years in Theatres in London and around the UK. 

As the years went on I began to take on more production roles, in both theatre, and eventually television and film.

I loved the process of voice over and began having coaching with well known voice over's, while building my very first studio. 

The learning curve was steep, but I was dedicated to building a long term business that I could grow.

Finding myself working with several producers working across commercials, I was asked to voice some mock up campaigns for clients. 

And the rest, as they say, is history. 

The combination of story elements, the audio production side and the freelancing, allowed me to tap into a multitude of other skills I had spent years developing. 

And my love of stories underpins my love for all the voice work I do.


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In todays diverse Voice Over landscape, how do you tell one voice over from another, and how do you know you're working with a professional?

Well when it comes to voice work I have trained and been coached by some of the best in the industry, to ensure that I can deliver time and time again.

Having working with the likes of Tanya Rich at Richcraft, the wonderful Notable Voices and Helen Lloyd specifically for audiobook production, I have a wealth of training to ensure I can bring the best quality to your voiceover. 

I have also utilised the endless resources that are
VO Kickstart and Gravy For The Brain, both fundamental in helping me develop both my performative and business aspects of being a voice over.


When it comes to rates, as a member of Equity, I follow the Equity guidlines on what to charge. I also use the Gravy for the Brain rate guide, for a broader understanding of other genres, as well as the rates calculator for any commercial broadcast work.
I've provided some links below for you to look into, but please feel free to get in touch and I can provide you with a quote, and explain my rates further. 

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Still have questions about how it all works?
Head over to my
FAQ page, where you can find all the most common questions I get answered as a voice over.

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