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How do I work with you?

Well that's easy, check out my demos, listen to examples of my other work, and get in touch either via email or using the contact form available. You can also check out my steps below for ordering a voiceover. 

Can you provide me with a custom demo or sample of my script?

Of course! I am always happy to provide a custom demo of your project, and if you are still uncertain of your style, I am happy to provide guidance with alternate variations. 

How quickly can you produce my audio?

24 hours is always the target time for producing your audio. However, long form projects with a high word count will always take longer. 

What format can you deliver my audio in?

I can deliver your audio in all standard high quality file formats, the most popular are WAV and MP3, but if you have a specific request, I am certain I can accommodate. 

What is a Basic Studio Fee (BSF) ?

A BSF is very simple, it's the session fee that is charged to engage the voice artist. All professional voice overs will have one, and although they vary in price, they ensure that you are dealing with a pro. They normally engage the voice over for an hour of studio time, and even if the job is finished before then, they still charge the full BSF. 

A BSF isn't charged for all work though, things like commercials, explainers, corporate narration and so on will be charged using a BSF, but some long form narration, and e-learning, might be charged using a per word or per minute fee. 

All of my rates are negotiable based on project, so feel free to get in touch to discuss this further. 

Can I listen in or direct you during the recording?

Yes! My studio is equipped to allow you to patch in directly, listen to my recordings, and direct me live while I perform your script. 

Do you provide revisions or re-takes?

All contracts receive one free round of revisions. This mean correcting lines that you want to change or altering words that you aren't happy with. If you choose to re-record the entire piece in a different style, this will be charged at an additional rate. 

What if I'm not satisfied with the recordings?

If after revisions and alterations to style, you still aren't happy with the recording, then I will of course cancel the invoice. In fact, I can probably point you in the direction of a voice artist whose style might be more in keeping with what you had in mind. However I would like to point out, this has never happened so far! 

How do I pay for my recordings?

I accept payment via Paypal and direct bank transfer, and once the finished audio files have been delivered, I will send an invoice with all payment details, and a 30-day payment term. 

Simple steps for ordering a voiceover:

1. Get in touch using the contact form and provide me with the following things: your script, your budget, your deadline, and where the project will be used (for example, youtube, online, internally.)

2. Then I'll get in touch and provide you with a custom demo and a quote for your finished project. 

3. If you are happy with the custom demo, then send over your finalised script and I will get to work. 

4. Now you wait for your project! And once it's received you can review it to make sure you are 100% satisfied. 

5. However, if there is anything that you need altering, then get in touch and I will prioritise any corrections or revisions that you need. 

6. Happy with the final product? Perfect, now I'll send you a simple invoice and you can begin using the voiceover where you need it.