I can offer both my own home studio or, being based in London, I can travel to any of the recording studios in the city. If you need a recommendation or aren't sure which studio you'd like to use, feel free to ask and I would be happy to recommend. 

I have a broadcast quality home studio where I use industry standard equipment, as listed below. There are many benefits to using my own home studio, including speedy turnaround, worldwide connectivity, live directed sessions and competitive pricing. 

Take a listen to the raw audio output from my home recording studio



Connect With Me 

My studio fibre broadband maintains a solid connection, with download speeds of 75 Mbps and uploads speeds of 18 Mbps

You can easily listen in and record from my home studio, if you do choose to record from your end, I will also record a backup just in case. 

Source Connect Now 

This is my preferred method of connecting to my studio, and is FREE for both parties. Use the link opposite, and simply click on the Launch Source Connect Now button. 

- You must use the Chrome Browser

- Before the session I will send you my private passkey via email

- Once you've opened the webpage you will be prompted to enter your name and passkey. I would also suggest using the speed setting of 256 Kbps mono. 


You can also connect with me via Cleanfeed, this also requires Google Chrome as a web browser. I will send you an email invite link before the session. My version of Cleanfeed is for listening only, but I will record the session for you. 


If you just want to watch and listen, you can also use Skype. You can connect directly with my profile by clicking my name below

Sebastian Brown Skype 


Get in touch to discuss your project


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