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Narrative voiceover is a term that can be applied to several different areas of voice work, including documentaries, short stories, museum guides; and may also include areas such as corporate presentations or meditation audio. The most common narrative work is Audiobooks, but I have a separate page for those which you can find here. 

Narrative work tends to be in a longer format, with more time devoted to telling a more specific, or important story. Many brands and organisations today are working hard to put forward their messages. To communicate where they stand on certain specific issues, such as sustainability, LGBTQ issues, political or global concerns that affect their sectors. Or, they may just be looking to tell a story that they think is important.

Much narrative work is pure storytelling and involves creating vivid characters, choosing a specific narrative voice and bringing the words to life in a vivid and engaging way. 

As an experienced narrator and a trained actor, I have the vocal stamina to sustain my voice through long periods of recording. I have the skills to self-direct and determine if the story is being communicated accurately. And I have the technical skills to produce high-quality audio recordings, that are fully mastered and ready to go. 

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